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Zipp have forged a reputation in the world of cycling as one of the world's most refined and considered wheel manufacturers, making every effort to improve the aerodynamic profile and efficiency of their wheels. In the Zipp 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Disc Front Wheel though, this brand delivers a prime performing wheel for the rider looking for that strong leading wheel to gain them even a fraction of a second.

Made from a full carbon fibre rim that assures the rider of a strong and direct transmission of power, you can be sure of translating all your effort into the tarmac. Rigid and unflexing, your rear wheel is made secure by means of the strong Sapim CX Ray J-Bend spokes, linking neatly to the Cognition disc front hub. Taking a centre lock disc system this wheel offers not just a lightweight construction at 765 grams, but improved modulated braking, gaining you time in the turns.

The real story of this wheel though is the impressive and highly advanced aerodynamic profiling. Benefitting from a rim depth of 53 and 58mm variable over the course of the wheel, this deep set rim cuts cleanly through the air. The profile taking an innovative "SawTooth" shaping, this wheel works well, pushing air out of the way and clearing its path through it. A hexfoil and ABLC HexFin technology promoting a smooth path through the air, this is a top of the line choice, rolling freely and allowing you the best possible option when riding to the line and looking out for your time.