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The HJC Furion 2.0 is a beautifully finished semi-aero bike helmet primed for everything from triathlons to sportives.

The HJC Furion 2.0 is the South Korean company’s updated aerodynamic helmet. Allowing savings of 7% energy over your competitors, it offers a significant advantage during rides. It has already been worn to several WorldTour victories, and is one of the helmets of choice for the AG2R Citroën and Israel Start-Up Nation teams.

For a helmet to be aerodynamic, it often has to make two significant compromises: weight and airflow. The compact Furion 2.0 has several features that mean these compromises are significantly minimised. In fact, the Furion 2.0 weighs 190g, which is 10g lighter than HJC’s other pro-level helmet, the Ibex.