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Mavic's Allroad line has no preferences when it comes to the surface: rough roads, pave, bad tarmac, forest tracks or gravel roads - the durable aluminum wheels don't mind. They playfully combine speed and control. Optimised for large-volume tires with 22mm rim width, this tubeless wheel is made for your next Allroad adventure.


  • 22mm wide UST rims integrated for a smooth ride with a wide range of tubeless tires from 28-64mm
  • UST Road Tubeless lets you run lower tire pressure for comfort and control on rough roads
  • No tubes means less friction, better efficiency and grip, and pinch-flat protection
  • ISM4D rim weighs only 440g
  • Patented lightweight aero spokes
  • Automatic bearing preload (QRM Auto) requires no adjustment and guarantees long-term durability
  • Fore drilling doesn't require the use of rim tape: 30g saved per wheel
  • 17mm axle and new hub design