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The Tacx Neo 2T Smart Turbo Trainer (T2850) provides all you could wish for in an indoor trainer; it's super quiet, reliable, accurate and realistic. A number of improvements have been made to the original Neo, and the new chipset makes for a smoother and more responsive experience while it retains its sensory road feel so you'll really feel like you're riding over gravel and even cobbles. Pedal Stroke Analysis enables you to improve your performance through better power distribution, which is done through a left and right detection sensor.

There's no need for calibration before use, and a power indicator tells you when the trainer is powered up and connected, via either ANT+ or Bluetooth. The maximum power capability is 2200 watts so even the strongest riders will be able to put down all their power. Inclines of up to 25% are simulated, and this trainer offers compatibility with a range of frames thanks to the additional 142x12mm adapter.


  • Cadence sensor: Improved accuracy of cadence measurement with a contactless capacitive sensor
  • Pedal Stroke Analysis: Accurate pedal stroke analysis with left and right balance
  • L/R power data: Measurement of left and right power distribution
  • Improved memory: More internal memory for future features to be added
  • More powerful chip: Smoother, quieter, more responsive resistance control
  • Additional axles: Including 142x12mm and 148x12mm axle adapter
  • Exceptional power and stillness through advanced technology

    Barcode: 8714895058078
    Dimensions: 620 × 260 × 440 mm
    Weight: 21.5 kg