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Gravel attracts cyclists for a wide variety of reasons but the Basso Palta attracts gravel riders for largely the same motives: quality craftsmanship, long lasting performance and a ride quality that begs for speed. The same qualities that have made the Basso frames so highly coveted on the road find themselves incorporated into the Palta, although adapted for the versatile nature of gravel. While others do gravel #wedopalta

“Palta”: local dialect word meaning mud, dirt or similar. Palta is a gravel dedicated model with New geometries and an extended wheelbase. Thank to the hand lamination of the bers we obtained stiffness and softness where needed. It features the Custom Palta fork and it come in 4 sizes now: Small, Medium, Large and extra Large. 42 tire clearance, Integrated seat clamp system, vibration damper Palta seat post, dedicated for 1x.
Palta has 3 bottle cage holes on top side of down tube, 2 underneath the down tube and 2 bottle cage holes on the seat tube.
It's available with the fork with 3 bottle cage holes on each side. 
Option to have “Palta Endurance Pack”: this includes a 20mm spacer developed for long distance riding. 
One other option is the “Palta Mudfest Kit”. This includes a front and rear mudguard. This is an aftermarket part not included in the frame kit.

Top Tube: 1 x 0° + 1 x 22° + 2 x 45°.  Down tube: 2 x 0°  + 1 x 22° + 2 x 45°.
HT: 2 x 0° + 4 x 45° ST: 1 x 0° + 3 x 22°.
CS and ST: 1 x 0° + 3 x 22° + 1 x 45°.
Complete Bike supplied with MicroTech Bars, 38mm Carbon Wheels, San Marco Saddle and WTB 40mm Tyres.
''As much as the Palta dispatches gnarly gravel with relative ease, the bike was fast on the tarmac, significantly faster than most other gravel bikes.''