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For nearly 30 years the Astra model has been hand-made in the Basso factory in northeastern Italy.
The all-new 2020 Astra pushes the limits farther than any version before it and does so with a good dose of style.
Astra incorporates the tried, tested and racer approved Basso geometry and mates it with a sophisticated tube structure that adds efficiency thanks to both form and function.
Constructed from 100% 3k Torayca High Modulous Carbon Fiber from a blend of T700 and MR60 fibers, the Astra is capable of offering performance on par with its higher tier siblings with the only compromise coming in the form of a few extra grams.

100% 3K Torayca High Modulus Carbon Fiber in T700-MR60

Top Tube: 1 x 0° + 1 x 22° + 2 x 45° = the lightest part of the frame.
Down tube: 2 x 0° + 1 x 22° + 2 x 45° fiber lay-up light and stiff.
HT: 2 x 0° + 4 x 45° the most rigid part of the bike, zero giving in torque.
ST: 1 x 0° + 3 x 22° comfortable and vertical shock absorption.
CS and ST: 1 x 0°, 3 x 22° + 1 x 45° light and stiff.
3K inside tube lay-up of ht - bb and st increases torque resistence
Build Options include :-
Shimano Ultegra Mechanical with MicroTech Alloy Wheels
Shimano Ultegra Mechanical with MicroTech 38mm Carbon Wheels
Campagnolo Chorus with MicroTech 38mm Carbon Wheels
Shimano Ultegra Di2 with MicroTech 38mm Carbon Wheels
Other group sets are available on request including
Dura Ace,Campagnolo and SRAM