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A benchmark in insulation and protection, the winter-proof LL.bonkaTights_s7 rise to the challenge of cold weather riding.

Our ultimate winter tights, the LL.bonkaTights_s7 provide maximum protection in the harshest conditions. Insanely warm, yet incredibly low bulk, these full-length bib tights employ our leading-edge fabric technology to give the ultimate in protection, whilst still allowing your body to breathe even during hard efforts. Cut from our industry-leading ASSOS RX Heavy fabric, a light, hard-working and water-resistant fabric, with a durable water repellent coating, the rain beads off, the wind is kept at bay and yet excess heat still escapes. A layer of our breathable, Stratagon Ultra fabric placed on the knee of these bad-weather riding bib tights provides an extra barrier against the cold. Created with long-distance riding in mind, the cento_S7 insert is masterpiece of engineering. It’s advanced, breathable, waffle textile design and low friction, ASSOS goldenGate technology set a new standard in comfort and engineering. When the heavens open our waterBarrier found at the bottom of these winter cycling tights repels rain and road spray and reflectors at the back of each leg increased visibility in low light. Delivering performance and protection, the bonka winter bib tights make light work of the worst weather.


Winter-proof construction: A weatherproof membrane paired with a Geoprene insert that seals the tights to your booties. RX Heavy: A thermal, fleece-like material that is lightweight and non-bulky, whilst remaining highly breathable. Used as a dual layer on the weather-beaten front of your legs. DWR: A hydrophobic, DWR (Durable Water Repellency) treatment that repels water forcing it to bead and run off. Stratagon Ultra: A highly-breathable, thermal material, that maximizes insulation while minimizing bulk. Used as a dual layer on the knee, thigh and hip areas. Integrated Pad Protection (IPP): A patent-pending technology that provides an extended layer of seamless protection in the front area of the tights. blasenSchutz: A panel of our highly breathable, wind-and waterproof Stratagon Ultra material, located to protect the crotch and abdomen to increase comfort and warmth. S7 generation: the latest generation of ASSOS cycling shorts, employing technology and fabrics engineered over a 5-year period. cento_S7 insert: A chamois pad for long-distance riding, with 10mm of memory foam offering the optimum balance of comfort and performance. KuKu Penthouse: A low-volume, circular inlet at the front of the insert that accommodates male anatomy in cocoon-like comfort, yet still offers a secure fit. The ASSOS goldenGate technology: A patented technology which augments the performance of the insert by allowing the most fluent movement with the body. ASSOS Waffle: A unique, three-layer foam used in our inserts with perforations that make it light and highly breathable. rearTerminal: A seam-eliminating feature for increased comfort with the added function of increasing airflow. Y7 frame carrier bibTech: A bib redesign that involving using a wider cut of elastic for less pressure on your shoulders, resulting in less friction and more comfort. Lower Leg design: Our ‘bowling pin’ design moulds to the lower leg and reduces friction to accelerate comfort. RX Light insert: This lightweight, breathable fabric has been inserted behind the knee for freedom of movement. waterBarrier: A geoprene outermost layer at the bottom of the leg that repels water and adheres to booties. Reflective strips: Two reflective strips positioned optimally on the lower rear of the tights, for increased visibility to other road users in low-light conditions. bibStabilizer: A stabilizing horizontal insert to ensure the bib straps lie flat and don’t bunch. Also serves as a holder for Zegho sunglasses. COMPOSITION: 70% PA, 18% EA, 12% PL

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